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"whatsername" by green day.

the line "remember, whatever, it seems like forever ago"
with a red or black backround and white writing. kinda jaggedy or sketchy-looking if you could.
or the line "ill never turn back time"
i dont care what that one looks like.

id appreciate it and thanks in advance.

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don't comment to be added please, we get the e mails when you click join community so we'll you but it won't go down well if i have 800 e mails from people asking to be added because laura. colleen, or i will add you don't worry we don't even look at your journal and hand pick you around 11 people join here every day so pleaseee don't fill my e mail asking to be added!
also please don't attack our personal journals asking to add you to the community either
thank you!

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Hi I'm Colleen, i'm one of the two new mods.
This Commuinity is still friends only and all the same rules will still apply!

Melissa, did so much with this community and we hope we can bring it that much farther!